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Australian cities are regularly voted amongst the worlds’ most liveable- Melbourne and Sydney are frequently listed within the top 10.

Australia is a vibrant country full of opportunities for business and investment. Coupled with these opportunities are varied and exciting activities for families and some of the best educational institutions in the world for aspiring students.

Plan A Consulting is positioned to provide a full suite of professional services to our business migrant clients and their families. Working closely with us not only keeps us involved across all aspects which encompass a visa application itself- but we walk with you to help navigate the various complexities along the way.

We take a holistic approach and understand that astute commercial advice for all business and investment in a foreign country also carries numerous other critical factors that require care and support. This streamlined approach ensures dependable risk management and compliance during the whole process.

Immigration Health Checks & Immigration Roadmaps

We will establish immigration health checks and produce comprehensive Immigration Roadmaps at the very beginning of the process. The Roadmap details the best visa option as well as highlighting potential issues and alternate fallback pathways, should the regulations or situations change.

Fixed Price Contracts

We operate on a fixed-price basis - from the onset, you know exactly what the costs are. You will also receive a reliable and realistic timeline for lodgement and processing up front.

Qualified Case Managers

Each case is handled by a dedicated case manager who is fully across the entire process. The case managers guide the application from beginning to end, to eliminate any uncertainty and anxiety throughout the process. Case managers will also provide clear, concise and regular updates for our clients.

Enquiries welcome

Plan A Consulting is one of Australia's leading migration consultants and associated services.

Specialising in the investment and business pathways with specialists across a variety of fields in various parts of the globe, we are ready to provide reliable and professional advice- contact us anytime.

Plan A are Australian Migration Specialist consultants providing Migration and Visa Services for business investors locally and overseas.

Our services encompass the entire spectrum of Business  and Investor Visas.



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